WinYou Law 2010


... user friendly software

WinYouLaw is a very user friendly software. Which completes all the task of my previous office software at a fraction of the price. The support staff is helpful and has always provided a prompt response. Overall I am very pleased with my purchase.

- K.H. 2010

WinYou-Law has provided me with all that I need, and more.

I have used WinYou-Law since setting up in practice on my own account in 2008.

I chose WinYou-Law because it provided a single user solution to manage my work at very economic costs (less than other providers would charge just for annual maintenance!).

The ability to trial the system proved most useful, demonstrating the essential facility to log and access documents as well as other activities on any matter. Installation and set up was straightforward and having quickly become familiar with the structure for projects and clients it has been easy to keep track of all my work. The drag and drop facility and interaction with Microsoft Outlook generally has made it really easy to keep track and log of all e-mails and attachments, a facility which far exceeds the capabilities of other systems I have worked with.

The time recording is very flexible and intuitive, providing for speedy inputting, differing charging rates (per time entry as well as per client and matter) and really smooth link to see draft bills, work-in-progress and prepare invoices.

Whilst recognising my needs are less than those of most legal practices, WinYou-Law has provided me with all that I need, and more. I look forward to investigating and implementing the improvements made in the 2010 version.

- P.R. 2010

Product is well integrated...

The products is well integrated the needs of a busy attorney and has fit me well as a solo practitioner.

- R.R. 2010

It's simple to use, organizes all the information I need to know on my cases ...

I recently started my own practice, right out of law school. I needed some sort of program to help manage my practice, but I also needed to keep my start-up costs as low as possible. WinYou Law was very reasonably priced, so I gave it a shot, and I have been very satisfied ever since. It's simple to use, organizes all the information I need to know on my cases, and it's so much easier than creating my own spreadsheets/databases for everything.
I would recommend it to any other new attorney looking to set up his or her own practice.

- K.S. 2010

... paid for the investment four times over on the first client account opened ...

Win You Law has enabled a small firm of Employment Law specialist to manage a busy portfolio in a user friendly system. The investment in the system has provided a structured, efficient library of client contact and work in progress, which is easy to use and manage.

On top of this integrated capacity, the fee management system provides a detailed client account record which paid for the investment four times over on the first client account opened using the system.

I would also commend the practical back up provided by Win you law in assisting in the setting up of the system. There is no doubt in my mind the product represents real value for money and delivers as advertised. Delighted with the purchase; makes life easier and increases revenue.

- J.R. 2010

The document control center is extremely useful ...

I retired as a Circuit Court Judge and am now engaged in an active mediation and arbitration practice, working out of my home office. However, as the work started piling in, it became obvious that I needed a way to organize all of my files. I looked through a number of software programs, including ones used by sales and marketing professionals as well as data base management programs.

I somewhat stumbled on WinYouLaw after decided to investigate software programs for sole practitioner attorneys. I used the test program, immediately liked it and ordered it soon thereafter. The good news is that I was able to transfer all of my test files into my permanent program.

I handle 100 or so mediations and arbitrations per year, and each one has two to six lawyers on average. Some of them have had as many as fifteen parties. In addition, there are adjustors and other "interested parties" associated with each case. I now have "projects" set up for all of my mediations and arbitrations, both pending and completed. I have probably 500 contacts set up in the address book, and they are all cross referenced back and forth. I can look up any mediation or arbitration, and know immediately the parties involved, and I can look up an address and know immediately which cases they have been involved with me. The "pending work" screen (that which comes up first) is probably the most useful screen, as I keep an on-going log of everything that is happening in the case, from e-mails that come in and out, to records of phone conversations to hours spent on the cases (which will eventually be used for the invoice). The document control center is extremely useful, as I can keep track of all parties involved and go from there to correspondence and e-mails. My only "complaint" about this screen is that you can't "customize" the titles under project related addresses (lower side of the screen). It would be helpful if I could design my own "titles" for the categories, as different types of cases have different categories of participants (lawyers, arbitrators, adjustors, third party defendants, plaintiff's lawyer, special master etc.). Jun 2010: Customizing functionality added.

I have been very pleased with the technical support. I have had some glitches, and tech support always gets back with me promptly.

- J.S. 2010

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