WinYou Law 2010

About us

About Us

We are a small, specialized company focused on developing WinYou Law, our modern solution for practice management and administration. The small size of our company allows us to react more quickly, and makes us more flexible in our ability to implement new features and functions in WinYou Law. We have a wealth of experience in law firm administration.

While most of us are engineers and developers, i.e. more technically oriented, we have a great appreciation for nice designs that are simple, streamlined, clever and easy-to-use. We love our work.

WinYou Law is our passion, and our customers are our partners (and we admit to being a little proud of our WinYou Law product!).

Do you want to read the manual first or do you want to start with WinYou Law right away?

We believe we are able to create practice management software for your administration and law firms that

These are our goals.

WinYou Law is designed to help you organize and manage your office. WinYou Law is specifically tailored to the activities in a law firm, with the aim of making the user’s daily chores easier and more efficient and of providing the best possible assistance to users for all of their administrative tasks.